European Queer Alliance of PostOst Community is a European human rights organisation supporting LGBTQ-people from the PostOst territories.

Our mission:

Our mission is to be the voice of LGBTQ people from the PostOst countries in Europe, to facilitate their consolidation and advocate their interests.

Our goal:

In the last years many members of our community were forced to flee their homes. Running from the war, dictatorships, hate, trans-, homo-, biphobia, misoginy and other manifestations of discrimination, they found themselves in Europe. We want to unite, to find our voice as a communuty, to protect each other's interests and to support one another. 

We would like to help polititians and the society of the European Union to notice our agenda, to get to know our vulnerabilities and needs, to see the danger comming from militant and homophobic regimes. 

Our team: 

The organisation was created by experts with many years of experience in activism, founding NGOs and advocating for human rights. Queers who fled Ukraine because of the war, consultants and simply good people. We are happy to inspire one another and to help others.