«Morally I died in February of 2022. My state barely changed and constantly fluctuates from an ever-present anxiety to panic and terror».

The report examines the impact of propaganda, the psychological and legal consequences of homophobic and transphobic laws, as well as the practice of applying new legislation. The study focuses on three especially vulnerable groups: LGBTQ families with children, trans persons, and LGBTQ people from the Caucasus. The analysis and conclusions of the study are based on interviews with experts as well as a survey of LGBTQ people throughout Russia and in emigration.

The report was prepared by EQUAL PostOst e.V. with financial support from Civil Society Forum e.V.

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The full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. These events affected the lives not only of peaceful Ukrainians but also of certain social groups in Russia. Since this date, Russian authorities under Vladimir Putin’s command have reinforced repressions against LGBTQ people.  


Support programs available to LGBTQ people from Russia in safe countries are a drop in the ocean compared to the level of repression. The hate narrative against LGBTQ people as the main representative of Western values and the main enemy of society is the main change in the official rhetoric of the regime and its propaganda. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion persecution against this group is based not on their actions and beliefs but solely on their affiliations with the group.

Putin's regime invests large resources in biasing public opinion on the LGBTQ community and propaganda. This contributes to the spread of repression in society. LGBTQ people are denied medical care, fired and expelled from educational institutions, and face domestic discrimination and police arbitrariness - repressive measures are applied not only by the state but also by Russian society.

«It feels like inquisition: in a second somebody might come and burn you at the stake».

EQUAL PostOst encourages the ministries of countries safe for LGBTQ people to  


•  develop support and protection programs, including humanitarian visas, for LGBTQ activists under persecution, LGBTQ families with children, transpeople, especially those subjected to mobilization, LGBTQ people from Chechnya and from the occupied areas in Ukraine; 

•  provide them with an opportunity to request refuge and give them extra protection in refugee camps; 

•  accelerate visa processes for LGBTQ people under persecution in regard to any visa available;  

•  support the work of LGBTQ organizations both in Russia and in exile to preserve and develop their expertise.

«It is terrifying to realize that you are basically forbidden in your country, that it is not safe, it’s not your home anymore».