No Such People Here is about the raw material of this demonstration — the lives and suffering of real people. Curated by Anna Narinskaya, the exhibition is dedicated to individuals persecuted and rejected not for their crimes, or even for their actions, but for who they are. Alongside their own words, the stories of these individuals are represented in our exhibition by the objects that became witnesses to what happened to them. In some cases, these are things that survivors were able to preserve over the course of their arrest, torture, and escape, until they reached the shelter. In others, they are ordinary, everyday things that became instruments of violence and torture. 

"Adequacy Lab: sense, sensibility, and reflection" is a space for your thoughts and questions, your reflections and emotional responses, and for finding answers and meanings in a joint space. Created for queer people from Eastern Europe and Central Asia who have recently moved or have been forcefully relocated to Europe, this project aims to increase sensitivity to the themes of gender equality, reproductive health and anti-discrimination. Moreover, the laboratory is a space for meeting and strengthening new connections among the project participants.